You should be able to feel safe in the comfort of your own home and/or business. We all have those special items we feel we can’t live without and its our natural instinct to protect things and people we care about right? Don’t leave it to chance for something unfortunate to happen before you enforce security measures. Save yourself from a traumatic experience and let one of our reliable expert professionals take care of it. Our professionals highest priority is to help ensure the safety of you, your premises and to protect those special possessions from getting into the wrong hands.

All Time Alarm have a great deal of experience securing every type of residential and commercial building from burglary. All our technicians are fully certified and CRB clear. We also offer aftercare of all systems at a low cost. A wireless intruder alarm would be a great step to making your property safer and more secure.

About Wireless Intruder Alarms

We are experts at fitting wireless intruder alarms, which are a great solution if you’re concerned about the aesthetics of your security system. They don’t affect the building’s infrastructure and deliver exactly the same excellent security as wired alarms. They also make it easier to add extra alarms, for example in garages and sheds.

Advantages of Wireless Intruder Alarms

  • Easy and quick installation and repair compared to wired alarms.
  • Has the ability to send signals when the batteries are getting low in order to have them replaced.
  • Doesn’t affect the building infrastructure.
  • Makes it easier to add extra alarms, for example garages and sheds.
  • Nearly all wireless alarms now have extremely long-life; the average system can last anything up to five to ten years!

Home Alarms Prevent Crime!

  • 62% of burglaries take place at night.
  • 12 million consumers believe an alarm is a deterrent.
  • A home without an alarm is 2-3 times more likely to be burgled.
  • Burglars bypass houses that require effort.
  • 60% of burglaries failed on homes with alarm systems.
  • 85% of police officials surveyed believe alarms deter burglars.
To find out more information, a good source is the Yale website. –

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