ABUS door openers – access at the push of a button

To protect your door and this way your home and family against burglary you should invest in the security of your door. With an additional door lock and the basic elements you increase your safety effectively.

Electric door openers from ABUS unlock the door at the press of a button without it being necessary to open the door in person. Preferably a door opener comes at front doors of apartment buildings, commercial properties or at business to use. The ABUS range covers a variety of door openers. All ABUS door openers can be used universally for DIN left and right-opening doors.

We only use the very best equipment and the latest state-of-the-art security technology. We guarantee fair pricing for everything we do, including the equipment itself and our labour.

Electric Door Opener ET50

Electric door opener ET50

Electric Door Opener ET60


Electric Door Opener ET70


Electric Door Opener ET75


Electric Door Opener ET80


Electric Door Opener MT90