Alarm Monitoring
You need to feel safe in the comfort of your own home and/or business. We all have those special items we feel we can’t live without, how would you feel if someone had invaded your privacy and had stolen your precious items? What you need is a reliable expert professional whose highest priority is to help ensure the safety of your business or home and to protect those special possessions from getting into the wrong hands. All Time Alarm have a great deal of experience securing every type of residential and commercial building from burglary.

About Alarm Monitoring

If you already have an alarm but you do not have a monitoring service, you are relying on the pure luck that when your alarm is triggered, the noise it makes will in hope scare the intruder away, which may not be enough in some cases. You might be either be at work, on holiday or out of town for the day and your home gets broken into. You can not be there to protect it, so why not leave it to us? You can put your mind at rest knowing that we’re here to protect you and what matters to you, providing a 24/7/365 remote alarm monitoring and aftercare at low cost. All our technicians are fully certified and CRB clear, so you can be sure that the job will be done properly.

How it works? When your alarm is activated the receiving centre will first of all ring your home asking for your password identification. If this is incorrect or no one answers, either they will take action by informing the keyholder(s) and will contact emergency services if necessary.

Advantages of our Alarm System Monitoring

  • We use Advanced Independent Monitoring(AIM) to provide our 24/7/365 remote alarm monitoring, including intruder alarms, personal attack alarms and fire alarms.
  • When your alarm is activated, our expert alarm receiving centre are straight on the job to tell the keyholders and will contact emergency services if necessary.
  • The alarm verification technology we use provides vital information for the police if there’s a break-in.
  • The alarm verification system helps to filter out false alarms.

Home Alarms Prevent Crime!

  • 62% of burglaries take place at night.
  • 12 million consumers believe an alarm is a deterrent.
  • A home without an alarm is 2-3 times more likely to be burgled.
  • Burglars bypass houses that require effort.
  • 60% of burglaries failed on homes with alarm systems.
  • 85% of police officials surveyed believe alarms deter burglars.
To find out more information, a good source is the Yale website. –

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